ISSP School tutors

Iveta Gabalina (Vaivode)

Iveta Vaivode (1979) - practicing photographer and photography teacher, programme manager of the ISSP School. Has taught photography since 2008. Works professionally with Latvia's leading fashion and lifestyle magazines, and has created advertising campaigns for several Latvian brands - Madara Zofa, Stender, etc. Has studied photography at Andrejs Grants' studio and the Bournemouth Arts Institute; currently studying for a Master's in Photography at Aalto University in Helsinki. Iveta has received several awards in international photography competitions - the Nikon Discovery Award (UK) and Fresh Faced and Wild Eyed. Photographers Gallery (UK) in 2008. In 20012, her series "Somewhere on a Disappearing Path" won the C / O Berlin Talents contest, and was nominated for the Sony World Photography Awards 2014 and Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2014.

Arnis Balčus

Arnis Balčus (1978​​) is a practicing photographer. Since 2011 - editor in chief of FK Magazine. From 2004 - 2009 was living and working in London, received a master's degree in photography at the University of Westminster in 2005. Participating in exhibitions since 1994, has exhibited in Riga, London, Berlin, Hamburg, Copenhagen, etc., as well as being published in magazines such as Achtung Mode (DE), Dazed & Confused (UK), Photo & Video (RU), Foto Kvartāls (LV), Black and White Magazine (USA), etc. Also working as a journalist since 1997, writing about photography and culture for Latvian publications. Has participated as an expert at portfolio reviews in Kaunas, Derby, Madrid and Landskrona photo festivals, as well as nominating and evaluating entries for photo contests such as Prix Pictet and Google Photography Prize.

Vika Eksta

Laine Kristberga

Andrejs Strokins

Evita Goze

Solvita Krese

Solvita Krese - art project curator and art critic. Graduated from the the Art Theory department of the Art Academy of Latvia, studied cultural management at Institute Marcel Hicter. Is currently working on a doctoral thesis on the interaction between art and its context. From 2000, director of the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art. Curator of several large-scale international art projects, including the contemporary art festival "Survival Kit" (since 2009). Professional areas of interest - art and the urban environment, art and its socio-political context, gender issues. Has written many academic articles on art as well as texts for exhibitions and artist catalogues.

Liana Ivete Benke - Visual anthropology and photography

Liana Ivete Beņķe (1985) read media and cultural studies at the University of Sussex in the UK and Malmo University in Sweden, as well as social and cultural anthropology at the University of Latvia. Studied photography at Andrejs Grants' studio in Riga. Wrote her Master's thesis in the field of visual anthropology, researching shifts in the perception and use of photographs in the digital era. Since 20012, teaches visual anthropology and ethnographic film courses at the University of Latvia. Published articles on photography for FK Magazine and Arterritory. Works at ISSP as project manager of the community art project "Riga self/portraits"

Maija Rudovska - Exhibition Analysis

Ieva Balode - Analog Experiments

Dainis Juraga - Basic of Video for Photographers

Māris Ločmelis - Introduction to Photography

Raimo Lielbriedis - Introduction to Photography